Thursday, January 27, 2011

5 Unique Ways to Fund Your Next Detroit Multi family Deal


Despite the current slump in the housing market, it can be the right time to acquire funding for multi family or apartment building real estate. I got into the real estate game when I had no money so I had to do deals creatively, but I have developed systems that allow me to not only survive the slump, but profit from it. We all know the time to buy is not when you hear everyone saying it a great time to get in the market. We are in the best time in history to get into commercial real estate i.e. Multi Family investing. Because I had no money in the beginning I still creatively structure deals were the student doesn't have to bring money to close, but get cash at closing. There are many ways to go about funding your next real estate deal, but today I would like to focus on private investors, grants, sellers, selling other assets, and loans.

Private Investors:
If you can be provided with an opportunity to sit down with someone who is willing to entertain putting forth a little investment capital for a possible venture, wear your best suit and tie. Have a professional proposal detailing your outlying costs and show the bottom line of your profit margin. Chances are your investor will be looking for a faster return on their money than a financial institution will.

The government dishes out billions of dollars each year in grants to those seeking funding for real estate ventures. This is mainly because one of the government's main duties is to provide housing for U.S residents (apartments). There are not only federal grants for which you can apply, but also state level grants as well. Now, getting grants is a lot of work and takes time, but what would be better than getting free money to fund your real estate empire. In fact, we are closing on a deal right now that we are selling to a local housing agency that will lose their grant money if they do not purchase by the end of the year.

The Seller of a multi family complex:
Yes, you can possibly obtain the money needed for a property from the seller. It may benefit the seller more to finance your purchase than to face foreclosure or bankruptcy.
One thing you have to understand is that in the next couple of years there is about 1 trillion dollars of loans on commercial property coming due that cannot be refinanced. That is a HUGE opportunity for you!
In some instances the seller is willing to add additional money to the price of the property to account for the down payment and the closing costs. This additional money can sometimes be paid back with cash flow from the property after purchase. It may require an increase in interest to carry that money on your balance; however it will buy you some time to earn more capital. Another trick is to make the seller your partner in the deal, that's right make in a partner and cash him out that way. More on that later.

Selling other assets:
If you feel strongly about entering in to the market and have tried other avenues to obtain capital; you may think about liquefying any available assets. You can cash in any stocks, bonds or other savings. Take your 401K and turn it into a Self-Directed one so that you have funds to possible invest in other peoples' deals.  However, seek professional guidance before making this move. We always need to think through our investment goals from how to get a deal to the proper exit strategy!

Loans for apartment investing:
If all else fails, it is still possible to obtain a multi family loan from a bank or credit union. You may be required to possess a higher credit score and/or have substantial collateral to convince the bank to fund your apartment investment. In this instance you may or may not receive the full amount necessary, and will also need to consider the interest rate that will be assessed above the loan. This will be essential when completing a bank proposal.

The right way to fund a deal is different for each circumstance. As an investor it is important to be able to use all the tools necessary at your disposal to get the deal done. Understanding all your options enables you to be the investor that gets the deal done. Once you establish yourself as a closer the deals will start to knock on your door.


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