Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Reasons Why Commercial Property Owners are Motivated to Sell

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In Real Estate the thing you may here the most is location, location, location. Why, that may be true the other factor is Motivation, Motivation, and Motivation. What is the motivation of the seller? With some sellers their motivation is very easy to spot, such as foreclosure, going out of business, losing a major tenant, etc. But, sometimes getting to the real motivation askes a little digging deeper. Below I have listed 5 reasons that motivate a commercial building
owner to sell. Over the years these are the most common that I have ran into while in the business.

1.Building Problems
  a.Old Properties
  b.Neglected Properties
  c.Poor Quality Tenants
  d.Not Enough Money
  e.Not Enough Time
2.Owner Problems
  a.Tired of being a landlord
  b.Lawsuit Pending
  c.Job Transfer
  d.Job Loss
3.Life Changes
  a.Health problems
  c.Wants to sell to start another business
  d.Partnership splitting up
4.Financial Problems – Hardest to Identify
  a.Balloon payment pending or past due
  b.Vacancy too high
  c.Death of partner
  e.Bank calling note due
  a.Upside Down
  b.Negative Cash Flow
  c.Taxes To High
  d.Need Cash
  e.Property Too Small
  f.Property Too Far Away
  g.Lost Major Tenant

To become a Master in the real estate business you need to be able to not only identify motivation of the seller but how to use it to your advantage to get the deal. Knowing what is motivating the seller will give you knowledge into what the seller really wants; it may not be to sell the property, it may not be that he/she needs the money. You become a Master when you are able to solve the problem for that seller - whatever that problem is.
This and other techniques are discussed in my Cash at Closing Blueprint course and the accompanying 8-Week mentoring class. In the class the student will learn firsthand through real life examples of what is working in today's' real estate world and how you can profit from this commercial real estate business.

Visit http://www.herbsdeal.com for FREE REPORT

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